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Magnetic Marketing

Magnetic Marketing

Product Review (submitted on October 3, 2015):'s my story.

I took the upsell when I bought the "No BS Direct Marketing" Book, because - sure, why not?

It came crazy-fast in the mail. They must have sent it 2 day priority mail.

I'll cut to the chase.

It comes with DVDs and CDs (same content) and two big binders.

The DVDs - I didn't watch them

The CDs - I put them on my iPhone and listened to them for a week straight while I was driving around town.

The audio is straight addicting to listen to.

Over the 5 discs, I had probably 2 "ah-ha!" moments per that's 10 ah-has...those alone are worth the price.

If you're like me - you'll probably either realize, or you'll re-remember that you're doing marketing like everyone else:


It's all about the USP!!!

You have to know your USP or you're just a commodity - plain and simple.

The binders of materials are pre-written campaigns that already worked in the real-world and you can copy them because you have permission to do that as an owner of the course.

Those alone are worth the price too.

I'm not easily impressed...I'm jaded when it comes to info marketing...there's a lot of crap out there.

This is the top-1%.

I will probably listen to it again quarterly.
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