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Renegade Millionaire System

Renegade Millionaire System

Product Review (submitted on May 17, 2012):
Using a technique you discussed in your Renegade Millionaire System, in the last 10 days, I’ve added over $100,000.00 in business…. I have to tell you, the distillation process you and Lee Milteer went through to extract SCIENCE and PROCESS of being or becoming a Renegade Millionaire is just plain amazing. As you know, following your advice over the years has been damn profitable for me. With the Renegade Millionaire System, you’ve put all your best advice in one convenient, easy to get to location, and I’ll be using it a lot. Oh, and one last thing. I thought it was interesting (at the May event) that the first folks to lay down cash money for your System were people who needed it least, like Ron Ipach, Rory Fatt, all self-made millionaires in their own right. They practice the ‘principle of the slight edge’. Which is why, as you know, they are where they are,financially and personally.
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