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How to Create Personality in Copy

How to Create Personality in Copy

Product Review (submitted on May 17, 2012):
In life you remember a few people that touch your life. You remember them because there is something unique about them. Being plain is like being a commodity and lowers your value. Developing a personality that people can love/hate/respect sets you light years ahead of your peer group and competitors. Willie Nelson learned this. Lee Iacocca understood this. When I discovered Dan Kennedy he created a memorable experience that not only could I not forget but even though that was 12 years ago my wife still remembered and she is not normally impressed with informational speakers. When Dan did his presentation on How to Create Personality in Copy I realized many of the key steps in building deeper and stronger relationships with my client’s. Membership drop is 20% less and my prices are higher and folks are thrilled just to be part of what we are accomplishing.
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