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Price Elasticity Online Training

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Are you failing to extract the maximum price for your products and services? If you are, you’re committing a crime against your wallet. Your sentence? Spending less time with your family and less time relaxing and doing the things you love to do. It’s time you added more time, money and freedom to your life by using...

This is your invitation to witness the greatest goldmine of information on how to raise the prices of your products and services ever crammed into a single event! It’s time you stopped short-changing yourself and start implementing Dan Kennedy’s innovative and proven strategies to raise your prices while experiencing little or no resistance. Imagine the impact raising your prices 10% or 20% (or more) will have on your business and your life! 

  • Increase prices and profits with little or no resistance
  • Make more money without working any harder
  • Boost the value of your business


10 Clever Ways to Raise Your Price

Put as many of Dan’s ingenious strategies into play as possible and you’ll see your revenues and profits skyrocket.

15 Price Presentation Strategies that Make Price Irrelevant

Present your price in a way that turns what you are charging into a non-issue. Use these strategies in print, online or in face to face sales.

Nine Fears and False Associations About Price

Separate yourself emotionally from price. Remove any reasons you have for not using advanced pricing strategies to boost your business revenues and profits.

Techniques for Marketing to the Affluent

Generate more and higher profits (and make your business recession-proof) by marketing to the explosively-growing affluent segments of the population.

Micro-Targeting Strategies to Remove All Price Ceilings and Limits

Capitalize on your new-found marketing ingenuity by zeroing in on a segment of your prospect and client base using the new science of micro-targeting (often used in political campaigns).

The Links Between Price, Power and Profit that Work For or Against You

Understand the philosophy behind the relationship behind price, power and profit and you’ll never again inflict damage on your business by charging too little. Plus you’ll have a clear view of how price relates to power and how to best use it to alter your prospective buyer’s perception of your business.

The Entire “Super Powers of Price Elasticity” Presentation

Sit back, relax and watch the four online modules of Dan’s entire Super Powers of Price Elasticity Presentation. If you choose, follow along via the Overheads Manual and Online Training Manual. Also includes a personalized welcome letter.

For Anyone who could PROFIT from Dan Kennedy’s Best Breakthrough Strategies from his highly-lucrative 30+ year career for raising the prices of your product and/or services with little or no resistance.

  • Personalized Welcome Letter
  • 1 Transcripts Manual
  • 1 Overheads Manual

Online Training & Manuals

In Module #1: How to Liberate Your Thought Process about Charging Higher Prices, you’ll Discover How to Achieve Virtually INSTANT & Dramatic Breakthroughs in Profits & Power with PHENOMENON™ -Like SPEED and SuperHuman Invulnerability to Cheap-Price Competition, Price-Shopping Customers, EVEN Recession…

Module #2: How to SUCCESSFULLY Market to the Affluent is a “Mini-Seminar” on WHERE to Find & HOW to Attract the EXPLOSIVELY Growing MASS-Affluent, Affluent, Affluent Boomers, and Ultra-Affluent Populations.

Module #3: is all about Universal Price Presentation Strategies that Make Actual Price Irrelevant…and goes into detail on How to Use These Strategies in Print, Online, Face-to-Face, and from the Platform.

Finally, in Module #4: you’ll learn How to Separate Yourself EMOTIONALLY from “Price” Dan will Reveal How to ACCURATELY Assess Your Customers’ and Prospects’ True Attitudes about Price…Plus ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGY about “Turning Off” Customers’ Habitual Thinking about Price and Value.

  1. I doubled the close rate “Review by Mark Ijlal

    I teach Michigan real estate investors how they can get rich buying and selling foreclosures…the challenge was to double the price of my seminar in my small information marketing business…Results, same conversion. $220,000.00 collected in net profits after changing price in eight months. Better quality testimonials…I doubled the close rate to continuity that I have which is $247.00 a month. I currently have 100 people in it.
    (Posted on 5/17/12)

  2. $21,900.84 a month in profit “Review by Howard Anderson

    I have a small chain of seven sewing and vacuum stores in three states… I just raised our prices on service…The overall average before was $32.52. Afterwards it was $87.48 and to do the math, it made a difference of $21,900.84 a month in profit. (Posted on 5/17/12)

  3. You are positioning yourself as a leader “Review by Fabienne Fredricksen

    …for the right program if it’s marketed well, people will pay much more than you think they will…You are positioning yourself as a leader in the industry by charging more.”
    (Posted on 5/17/12)

  4. You’ve got to raise your price’… “Review by Wayne Story

    We realized listening to Dan ‘You’ve got to raise your price’…We raised the price 250%… We are the highest people around selling what we sell…Profits increased 109%… (and) We got rid of…a lot of our crummy complaining customers. (Posted on 5/17/12)

  5. We are having our best year ever “Review by Jason Morris

    My wife Issa and I have a pediatrics speech language pathology practice. We help children to speak and socialize. We are in Westchester County (New York) and the government there gives away those services for free. We charge $200.00 an hour. We have a twice a week minimum. We don’t take health insurance…there’s no shortage of competition…another speech therapist was telling me how many of her therapists she was going to have to lay off. Meanwhile, we are having our best year ever.
    (Posted on 5/17/12)

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