Advanced Consulting / Coaching Boot Camp


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Advanced Consulting / Coaching Boot Camp

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From Dan S. Kennedy: 92 people paid $11,800 to attend this event live. Now you can steal Dan’s best stuff with this full unedited, uncut recording as Dan peels back layer by layer his exact methods, giving you an inside look and drive home more income than you ever thought possible.

Reveal the most advanced techniques Dan Kennedy knows to getting clients and high fees with no resistance. Designed for the experienced consultant or coach or the entrepreneur engaged in selling at high fees, you’ll be handed Dan’s secret playbook which exposes how he has remained booked solid for decades as one of the highest paid consultants on the planet. 

  • Add zeros to your bottom line in record time
  • Pulverize client barriers to create permanent client relationships
  • Get paid more while working less


Non-traditional and Hidden Client Attraction and Retention Methods

Quickly and easily attract corporate and entrepreneurial clients, have them beg you to accept them as clients, and pay you fees that will shock you. Discover Dan’s highly coveted art and science of promoting yourself, magnetically attracting clients, keep clients coming back for more and create permanent client relationships.

Dan’s MOST Advanced Consulting, Coaching and High Fee Selling Strategies

Make yourself irresistible to clients in four areas: consulting, coaching, selling high-fee services and securing large sums from anyone using Dan’s strategies honed over the past 30+ years.

Breakthrough Client Control Methods, Compensation Structures and Pricing Options

Use these methods to keep clients, expand assignments, secure more work, and work on your terms at much higher fees. Get anybody, including Fortune 500 CEO’s to hand over the fees you ask for.

Every minute of Dan’s Advanced Consulting/Coaching/High-Fee Selling Boot Camp 2-day event

Delivered in three formats, you’ll receive 11 DVD’s, 16 audio CD’s and the full unabridged transcription, so you don’t miss a thing, and can choose your preferred learning style and review as often as you like.

Comprehensive Desk Reference Set

Get an inside look at Dan’s client files. You’ll receive a swipe file of actual correspondence, contracts, examples and more. Includes ALL visual aids used during the 2-day event.

Anyone in the consulting business or engaged in consultative-selling at high fees or transaction sizes OR are in the business/sales/life coaching business

  1. 2 Manuals
  2. 1 Set of 16 CDs
  3. 1 Set of 11 DVDs
  1. Enormous Impact on My Business “Review by Pat Strubbe

    Dan’s Advanced Consulting and Coaching/High Fee Selling Bootcamp has made an enormous impact on my business. It was one of very few conferences that I can say made a big impact not only on my regular business, but on my info/coaching business as well. If you deal in any way in selling and/or coaching, I definitely recommend this bootcamp. Dan’s discussion of the effect of confidence and your reputation alone showed me so clearly how I had been holding myself back. Thank you Dan!”
    (Posted on 5/17/12)

  2. CPA Seymour, CT “Review by Ted Lanzaro

    I can honestly say that this seminar really opened my eyes to what it takes to really earn big money as a consultant. I am a CPA with a rapidly growing practice thanks to Dan’s marketing advice. But since the seminar, I have made great strides to establish greater credibility and improving my expert posture. I have had two articles published in major trade magazines, been quoted in several articles in various publications both local and national, and am in the process of writing my first book.

    On another note, I have raised all my prices. I have stopped charging by the hour and now charge by the value I create. I have created numerous, easily duplicated products that I can sell for $1,000 or more which take me less than an hour to customize for the average client.

    My marketing has been getting better and better. After the seminar, I got the confidence to begin selling my marketing knowledge as a separate line of business. I currently design marketing for several well-paying clients. This has been an awesome experience for me. I am no longer just a “bean-counter”.
    Implementing the ideas from this course will make an immediate difference in your income. Plus, listen to them often. You will never run out of new ideas to implement.

    (Posted on 5/17/12)

  3. IBA from Pittsburgh, PA “Review by Becky Gomes

    After attending the Bootcamp I took away a better understanding of how to operate and price my consulting work. Since that time I have signed three consulting clients at over $11,000 each and one includes royalties! So my investment – though it seemed high to me at the time – came back four-fold and more!

    I also would like to comment on the caliber of the people I met there…WOW…what a room full of incredibly motivated, doers and shakers! The funny part to me was how we all seemed to have ‘over-achievers’ stamped on our forehead and one business seems never to be enough. EVERYONE I talked to found the ‘continuity’ section extremely useful ! I have since become the IBA in Pittsburgh and have used many techniques from the Advanced Bootcamp to secure more members for my group.

    Thanks for the information. I still haven’t made it through all the samples in the back of the book! For anyone interested in extending their opportunities in consulting or coaching there isn’t a better resource than Dan’s Bootcamp specifically for Coaching and Consulting!”

    (Posted on 5/17/12)

  4. Robert Skrob Tallahassee, FL “Review by Robert Skrob

    I’ve been in the consulting business for 13 years, studied client relationships and building value for many years. My education has allowed me to charge 3 times of any of my competitors. However, I had no idea what I’ve been doing.

    Advanced Consulting & Coaching/High Fee Selling Bootcamp gave me a completely new understanding of the consulting business. This has helped me further increase my fees, attract better clients and charge more from the beginning of our relationship. I had been starting low and building the fee up after proving my value.

    Through this seminar, Dan taught me how to handle the clients first contact, the information they receive from me in the mail so by the first time we speak on the phone the client is ready to pay anything I ask. With Dan’s techniques, the client doesn’t care what I charge, all they want to know is how quickly can I help them.”

    (Posted on 5/17/12)

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