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Adversity to Opportunity Blueprint

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Dan S. Kennedy demystifies how the super-successful always seem to strike gold—even in the wake of disaster. Transfer the powerful adversity strategies of super-achievers to your business and watch your profits soar.

Discover the critical entrepreneurial skill that allows you to find and prepare for new opportunity or a new way of doing business better than the one you were using before—no matter what grim predictment your business faces. Don’t wait until you’re in the midst of crisis, trauma and chaos (and you are guaranteed to face that at some point)—arm yourself now with the plan that will reveal the golden opportunities, even when everything seems dire and impossible.

  • Find the Hidden Opportunities that Exist in Your Business Right Now
  • Be Prepared When Crisis, Trauma, and Chaos Strikes 
  • Quickly Overcome Paralysis During Crisis And Turn It Into A HUGE and PROFITABLE Success

Adversity to Opportunity Blueprint


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The Five Chief Ways Adversity Leads to Opportunity

Say goodbye to fear and anxiety when things don’t work out the way you plan and find out how to instead turn it into something useful and build BIG success out of it.

The Blueprint Used by the Super-Successful in Dealing With Adversity

Find out what the Super-Successful do to overcome even the BIGGEST challenges and obstacles. Gives you a step-by-step breakdown of what top achievers do to move past emotional angst, find opportunity and act on it without delay.

The Response Blueprint for Adversity

Avoid post-problem paralysis and make the BEST response possible in the wake of adversity. Ensures you’ll always be prepared with an action plan to set in motion as soon as difficulties arise.

Real Examples of How Truly Successful People Turned Adversity Into Big Business

Apply powerful strategies to your own business when you see first-hand how super-successful people have turned even the BIGGEST problems into notorious success with real-life stories from well-known celebrities, inventors, authors, and business leaders.

Transcription Manual Complete with Cheat Sheets

Write down ideas in the special column created for notes and easily refer back to The Plan whenever adversity strikes with quick reference cheat sheets inside the full transcription manual.

Dan’s “Adversity to Opportunity Blueprint” Live Presentation

Prepare your own response plan for adversity with Dan’s Adversity to Opportunity Blueprint delivered to you as a DVD and audio CD in addition to the manual, so you can watch, listen or read Dan’s guidance whenever or wherever you are.

This resource has been newly added as an online training course for 2012.

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